What Is A Hydroponic Garden Tower? (& Why You Need One Immediately)

What Is A Hydroponic Garden Tower? (& Why You Need One Immediately)

Tower gardening or to give it its proper name “vertical hydroponics” is become a very popular means of setting up a family garden when you don’t have the space for a more traditional garden.

In fact, we’d suggest that the vertical garden isn’t just a replacement for a more standard garden, you might want to consider using a vertical hydroponic tower system no matter how much space you have, and here’s why.

In essence, tower garden systems are classic hydroponic systems that use a gravity feed to enable nutrient-rich water to be drawn from top to bottom to nourish the plant roots and to do so much more efficiently than an old school community garden could.

And as with all hydroponic systems, one of the big advantages of hydroponic towers is that your crops and plants are always free of soil-borne diseases as they don’t use any soil!

The Big Advantages Of Using Tower Gardens

But why would we consider using a tower garden when we have more than enough room for a standard garden?

Well, a tower garden has substantive advantages when it comes to growing things at home.

Instant Garden

A tower garden home hydroponic system is an instant garden. By that we mean, you don’t need to worry about seasons or the time of year to start growing plants and your own food.

In essence, you install your tower garden home system and then you add water and your nutrient solution, and your garden is underway! This is way easier than traditional gardening, right?

High-Quality Tower Garden Flex

Assuming you buy a decent growing system, you’re going to find that the vertical tower is an extremely hardy beast.

You won’t need to replace this kind of setup very often and as it has everything you need to grow plants built into it?

You’ll find you can boast about the quality of these systems to friends and family alike without risking embarrassment.

Low Maintenance

Tower gardens require much less effort than your old-fashioned garden too.

They are not completely “hands-free” mind you, you will need to care for and attend to your plants’ needs and top up the nutrients every now and again but this kind of growing system needs little maintenance beyond that.

Cleaning is super easy too. You just break the tower down into simple components and then clean it with soap and water (or disinfectant if your plants had any kind of disease) and then clip it all back together again.

High Yields

The best thing about this technique for gardening though is that you don’t need a green thumb to get better yields than you’d ever have imagined out of a small piece of land.

A single small tower can often handle 20+ plants and takes up less than six square feet of land! That means you can grow up to 30% more crops per unit of land than you can in a standard garden.

If your family, like ours, loves fresh vegetables – you can’t go wrong by opting for a tower garden setup.

Just order some vegetable seeds online and then pick some awesome veggies (perennial vegetables are easiest to grow) and go from there!

Easy To Move

You can also move the garden around whenever you want to. It’s not “on wheels” but the towers can easily be unclipped, shifted to a new location, and then clipped back together again.

This is great for being able to say, plant summer crops indoors and then move them into the outside garden when the weather will support it.

Works For Indoor Growing Too

Many commercial growers have adopted a hydroponic approach to growing vegetables, herbs, and the like because you’re not stuck outdoors with these towers.

When the light starts to fade and the winter draws near, you can move them indoors and benefit from an indoor growing season too.

You could start an urban kitchen garden in one, in fact.

Good Value (But Not Cheap)

One thing you should be aware of is that these systems represent great value for money but they’re not cheap.

We’d estimate that it normally takes around 12 months for a system to pay for itself by producing enough tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, etc. for the family when compared to buying food in the supermarket, but after that? Everything you eat is free.

Final Notes

If you want to grow food and only have limited space then the compact design of this kind of tech is unbeatable for your home garden.

But even if you have loads of space, you might want to consider dedicating some square footage to grow vegetables and other plants in a hydroponic tower because the yields are incredible!

Oh, and it’s also a very eco-friendly way to produce everything from herbs to swiss chard. What are you waiting for? Why not get started today?

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