Urban Gardening for Beginners

Anyone can grow fresh food at home, if they want to and they know how. 

We believe that millions of Americans want to but many simply don’t know how and more still, believe that they don’t have enough space to grow food. 

Why We Love Urban Gardening For Beginners

Marc Thoma, the author of Urban Gardening for Beginners makes it easy for you to grow food even in the smallest spaces in our towns and cities.

You can make tea from mint grown on windowsills or salads from tomatoes grown in the sunlight on your front porch by the time you’re done. 

Marc will walk you through everything you need to get started and to make a success of growing at home and show you the mental and physical benefits you’ll get from doing so. 

Final Thoughts On Urban Gardening for Beginners

We know that growing your own food helps you feel better connected to the planet, is great for your mental and physical health and it tastes great. 

That’s why everyone should own a copy of Urban Gardening for Beginners and get started with growing today!

If you do decide to grow your own urban garden you may find these resources helpful too: the New Plant Parent, our guide to plants that repel bugs and this list of the best online nurseries in the US. 

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