Rare, Unusual, and Unique Indoor Houseplants

Do you want to take your indoor plants to the next level? Bored by banana shrub or the Chinese money plant? Then you need our list of unique indoor plants that can really transform your home.

Nepenthes x Ventrata – The Pitcher Plant

This tropical plant is native to the Philippines and it loves bright indirect light or a sunny window and in return, it will catch and kill insects for you.

However, once you bring this indoors, you’re going to have to feed it with live crickets, or dried blood worms. Some rare houseplants require a certain amount of effort to care for, the reward is this is one of the most fascinating plants out there.

Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi Compacta – Lavender Scallops

This is the perfect plant if you have well-draining soil and at least partial sun. The beautiful leaves have a scalloped edge that goes pinkish-red when exposed to bright light.

They’re very hardy plants and you will find that it’s almost impossible to kill them off.

Pachypodium Lamerei – Madagascar Palm

You’ll need some cactus soil to keep this sensitive plant alive but it’s an incredible plant that looks like a cross between a cactus and a palm tree.

Be warned though these can end up growing too tall for an indoor garden, though they’re a cool houseplant when you keep them to 6-feet or less.

Albuca Spiralis – Corkscrew Albuca

The smell of these beautiful plants is of vanilla and this unique plant loves indirect sunlight and produces a very distinctive “corkscrew” at the end of each leaf.

Don’t water it too much though, it’s not a big fan of heavy humidity.

Senecio Peregrinus – String Of Dolphins

The blue-green leaves of this plant, really do look like a string of dolphins that are leaping about in the plant pot.

We’d keep these in a hanging basket where they can really be shown off and where they can get enough light to thrive.

We would note that you need to allow the soil to dry between waterings as they are a bit sensitive to too much water.

Colocasia Esculenta – Black Coral Taro

Yes, this plant has jet black leaves and they’re heart-shaped too! Just try not to give them as gifts as you may be mistaken for criticizing the recipient. 😉

Oh well, at least it’s not mother-in-law’s tongue, right? They need partial shade if you want them to do well and high humidity as they’re originally from Southeast Asia.

Otherwise, they’re very hardy and they can spread out over about 6-feet, so make sure to use a large pot.

Drosera Capensis – Cape Sundew

This unusual houseplant is a carnivorous plant and the tentacle-like leaves are covered in spikes that exude a chemical too tempting for flies and pests to resist.

Once they land on the plant, it triggers the hairs to curl around the bug and then begin the process of digestion. It’s pretty horrific.

Grow them in moist soil and make sure to feed them a few live bugs in Winter when there aren’t enough flying around for it to feed itself.

Euphorbia Tirucalli – Pencil Cactus

This pencil cactus produces long flower spikes that are known as “sticks on fire” due to their pinkish-red color.

Be careful not to cut into this cactus as the sort of latex-y liquid that comes out of it is very, very irritating to your skin.

It’s best to wear gloves while taking cuttings and then thoroughly wash your hands afterward too.

Columnea Gloriosa – Goldfish Plant

Yes, the flowers look like orange goldfish, and given enough direct sunlight, this plant can produce flowers almost all year round.

You need to water it regularly though as it hails from the humid environment of South America.

Adenium Obesum – Desert Rose

This gorgeous evergreen shrub can be allowed to grow into a miniature tree (think bonsai) or just be let loose and it can attain heights of up to 10 feet!

It’s a desert plant which means it needs sunlight, warmth, and not much else.

If the temperature goes below 50 degrees Fahrenheit it may shed its leaves but they will grow back if you get it warmed up again.

What Is The Rarest Indoor Plant?

The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is a purely man-made orchid and while it’s a very cool plant, there are none available for purchase.

These unusual plants bloom only once every 5 years or so and grow indoors under very specific conditions.

If you want one, the last time one was sold (back in 2005) it cost over $200,000! You can be sure that these indoor plants are rather more expensive now.

What Is The Prettiest Indoor Plant?

This is very much a matter of personal taste but we doubt the snake plant would make this list, snake plants may be popular but they are a bit dull. We’d go with the Oxalis and its beautiful flowers which as long as they get bright light last for a long time.

What Is The Coolest Indoor Plant?

We quite like the pitcher plant above, but the Lithops or “living stones” might be one of the more unique indoor plants with a certain cool about it. Again, this is really a matter for personal taste.

What Are Some Unusual House Plants?

In addition to the rare and unusual houseplants listed above, we’d say that the Bunny Ears Cactus, Echeveria, Mother of Thousands, Staghorn Fern, Nerve Plants, and the Hoya with its “Lucky Heart” shaped leaves might be worth checking out too.

Final Thoughts On Unique House Plants

Many of these unique houseplants are low maintenance and easy to care for.

If you’re looking for other plants to add to your collection, you might appreciate these awesome plant delivery services or the best online nurseries.

And if you’re trying to work out what an unusual plant is – you could try these fantastic plant ID apps, they’re ideal for identifying unique houseplants, and more.

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