The Proof is in the Plants

Simon Hill is a qualified nutritonist with a misson to bring you the agenda free truth about the optimum diet for human health and the health of the planet. 

His book the Proof is in the Plants aims to bring together everything he has learned to help guide the dietary choices of humanity to a better place for all of us. 

Why We Love The Proof Is In The Plants

Getting into a plant-based diet isn’t always easy and while books like The Plant Based Solution are a great introduction to the benefits of eating plants, it’s often unclear why we should want to go plant-based.

Simon Hill has a master’s defree in nutrition and he’s broken down why plant-based is better. 

The Proof is in the Plants

He tackles why there’s so much confusing advice on food out there today and the evidence that plant-based eating is better for your health and for the planet. 

He also shows you how to build a truly healthy plate so that no macro or micronutrient is neglected.

His main objective is to get you to move from the theory to the practice of plant-based life. 

Final Thoughts On The Proof is in the Plants

If you own just one book on plant-based living it should be The Proof is in the Plants. 

It’s a coherent case for plant-based life which evaluates the benefits not just to you but to the whole planet. 

If you enjoy The Proof is in the Plants, you might also want to check out How Not To Die which focuses purely on the health benefits of plant-based living. 

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