10 Sustainable Crafts for Vegan & Plant-Based Family Fun

Are you looking for something fun to do in your spare time as a vegan or plant-based family but not sure what to do that fits with your broader lifestyle? Well, don’t worry! 

There are plenty of fun things for plant-based vegan families to do and many of them are just like the things you used to do before you change your lifestyle! It goes without saying that our picks will be of interest to plant-leaning flexitarians and others as well!

We’ve deliberately broadened our view of what “crafts” are for our list but we strongly believe there’s something for everyone here. 

Best Sustainable Crafts

Creating Colorful Candles

Candles may involve wax but that wax is from paraffin and not from bees, so no matter where you stand on the “are bee products vegan?” question – candles are vegan.

They’re also enormous fun to make and if you use a candle making kit, it won’t take all afternoon either.


It’s the perfect bonding exercise on a slow Sunday afternoon or just before a holiday if you want to help your kids make their own gifts. 

Just try not to overdo it on the scents that you add (if you add any) as you don’t want them to become overpowering.

Making Scarves From Vegan Wool

Knitting can be quite complicated but for a first project it doesn’t get much simpler than a scarf, as for the main part you’re knitting a uniform rectangular surface (except for the finishing on the edges). 

Knitting is a very affordable hobby all you need are some knitting needles and some vegan yarn. 


Now, there are plenty of choices for yarn – organic cotton is probably a good starting point as it’s very easy to work with but as you probably know, organic cotton isn’t perfectly eco-friendly. 

If you want to try something a bit more challenging, you could investigate bamboo yarn or soy cotton yarn too. 

Turn Your Hands To Tie-Dyeing

If you want a project that absolutely anyone can do, where no levels of coordination are required, which is a ton of fun then you could look at tie-dyeing. 

This is very straight forward thanks to the availability of excellent tie-dye kits which are, of course, completely vegan.

tie dye

Then all you need is some t-shirts (either new ones or ones that you’ve decided to repurpose) and an environment to dye them in (many kits work in your washing machine). 

Let the fun commence!

Get Into Gardening 

Many vegans are vegans, at least in part, because they want to be closer to nature and to live in harmony with the planet. 

One easy way to get more in touch with the world around us is to grow a garden as a family – then you can eat what you grow.


However, for many families the biggest problem with this idea is that they don’t have enough space for a garden.

That’s where the Gardyn comes in. 

It’s a garden that fits anywhere, even a small apartment which you can grow together and then eat together as a sustainable vegan family.

Do Some Science Together

OK, we know that technically “science” is not normally thought of as a form of “crafts” but we’d argue that when it’s done for fun – science is every bit as creative as any artistic discipline.

And not every kid enjoys “arts” but help them learn how to change the color of two chemicals in a bottle? 

Then, they’re super happy.

science kit

So why not pick up a science kit and unleash your family’s inner nerds? 

They’re great fun and who knows? 

You might learn something too and if you want to inspire your kids to take up STEM subjects, this can be a great way to do it. 

All the science kits we’ve come across use vegan ingredients but you should check before you buy, just in case.

Slap Together Your Own Soap

OK, so, now we’re back in the realms of the traditional crafts (even if there is a little bit of science involved here) and one thing that everyone can learn to do is make their own soap.

This gives you a chance to create soaps in any shape, color or scent that appeals to you.


Think of it as making a bespoke vegan bath time experience that your kids and you will enjoy time and again. 

If you’ve not made soap before, don’t fret, there are plenty of easy to use soap making kits out there to get you started.

Build A Cool Collage

There’s nothing simpler than creating a collage and it’s a ton of fun too. 

This is your chance to round up a bunch of household items that have seen better days and repurpose them into fine art.


You need some paper, some scissors, some glue and possibly some paint and that’s about it.

The only other ingredient needed to create your own vegan collage is your imagination and we find that most families have plenty of that when they play together on a project like this.

Get Coloring!

Coloring is vegan. 

That’s because all you need is some paper designs to color on and some pencils.

And yes, we know, if you haven’t colored anything in since you were a child – you probably think this is just for kids.

coloring book

It’s not.

In fact there are real and measurable health benefits from coloring in as an adult.

So, why not have some family fun?

Everyone gets a copy of the same design – then each of you creates your own colored vision of it. 

We promise, it’ll be an awesome time.

Repurpose Your Trash

You can make nearly anything out of the things that you are throwing away. 

For example, you can shred some old fabric and then make it into yarn – then make bags or a rug from them.


If you have old glass jars, you could fill them with colored liquids to make ornaments or use them for storage when you tidy up the kitchen or the garage.

You need to put your own creativity into effect here but there’s nothing more sustainable than repurposing items at the end of their natural usefulness.

Learn To Make Play Dough

Not only can play dough be vegan but it can also be gluten-free thanks to this awesome recipe from Mommypotamus!

The good news is that it’s super cheap to make and so easy that your kids probably won’t need much help from you to get started!

play dough

Once it’s made, you can all make cool stuff out of it and see whose imagination can be best realized in this wonderful substance!

Final Thoughts On Sustainable Crafts

So, we hope you enjoyed our list of the best sustainable crafts for vegan & plant-based family fun and that you’ve found an activity that appeals to you and your children.

There’s no doubt in our minds that families who play and create together are the ones that develop the closest bonds and whose children do best in life. 

And as you can see, being vegan or plant-based is no hindrance at all in having fun as a family!


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