The Secret Spider Plant Benefits They Don’t Want You To Know

Spider Plant Benefits

We think everyone should be adding spider plants to their lives and that’s because these plants have an amazing array of benefits that they can bring to the table.

We’ve got 11 such benefits listed here and most of them are proven in science too!

Spider Plants Clean The Air

This is legit too. The spider plant was part of a research project conducted by NASA and their 1989 “Clean Air Study” showed that spider plants remove toxic substances from the air and, in particular, “volatile organic compounds” (VOCs).

There have been other research papers on spider plants too and they all came to the conclusion that if you’d prefer not to breathe formaldehyde and other pollutants, spider plants are an excellent investment for your home.

However, one indoor plant will not suddenly purify your air, you need quite a few growing spider plants to make a difference.

They’re Great For Feng Shui

A spider plant indoors is said to “connect to the Earth element” of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of balanced living.

Placing them in a bedroom, living room, or near a desk can help you anchor yourself.

However, we like to put spider plants in the bathroom as these hardy indoor plants (in hanging baskets, ideally) can tolerate very little light and lots of humidity. You also don’t need to mist your houseplants if they live in your bathroom.

Spider Plant Health Benefits Include Being Hypo-Allergenic

A spide plant won’t produce much in the way of pollen and as a tropical and southern Africa plant, you’re unlikely to have developed any allergies to your spider plant in advance.

However, some rare people do find their spider plant makes them sneeze, so give it a test before you go large on buying tons of spider plants for your home.

They may also help to repel bugs and insects in your home and garden.

They Look Great

We think that a spider plant looks awesome and they’re the perfect plant for the home because of this.

There are many different varieties of spider plants to choose from too. Just don’t put them in direct sunlight as they prefer indirect sunlight.

They Might Help You Be More Productive

This isn’t true only of the spider plant but it’s true of all plants. Studies have shown that placing plants in rooms helps to improve the reaction times and prevent tiredness of the people in those rooms.

Maybe this is due to a reduction in carbon monoxide as the spider plant will breathe the carbon monoxide in for you and remove it from the air?

They Won’t Poison Your Pets

Animals love to chew on plants, but as spider plants aren’t toxic to animals? This isn’t a problem. Though, if your cat or dog is that hungry just give them something else to chew on.

They Have A Strong Tolerance To Lead

The spider plant root is pretty much impervious to lead. In fact, an air spider plant or a ribbon plant can happily help to remove lead from the soil that it’s grown in!

Just make sure nobody eats the spider plant leaves if they’re used for this or you may find out how an airplane plant (spider plant) looks in hospital rooms.

It’s Super Easy To Propagate From A Mother Plant

Grab any little plantlet that your spider plant grows and let it grow a root on the mother spider plant.

Once this is done, put it in soil, place it in bright indirect sunlight, and leave the plant to grow!

It doesn’t get much easier to propagate a plant than that, does it?

They’re Very little Work

These plants are ridiculously hardy, they need a little light pruning, you only need to re-pot them every 18 months or so, and rarely get pests or diseases!

They also handle nearly all conditions with ease – though don’t let them dry out too much.

Spider Plants Can Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that people surrounded by plants can find themselves feeling less anxious, better able to work, and with lower levels of diastolic blood pressure! In short, plants reduce stress according to science.

They’re Really Cheap And Easy To Buy

Many indoor plants are expensive and hard to find when you want them. Not spider plants. They’re super cheap and available pretty much everywhere that you can find a nursery.

Final Notes

So spider plants help with harmful chemicals, poisonous chemical substances, indoor air quality, and other severe health risks.

They also boost indoor oxygen levels, are non-toxic, good for human heath, and more!

And given they’re also cheap and plentiful, we’d recommend that everyone keeps them in their home!

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