PlantLife App Review

Some days, we think it’s impossible to be happier than we are with life, right now, but then something comes along that says “life can always be better”.

This week, we learned about PlantLife and had one of those amazing moments.

PlantLife is all about making social media less toxic and allowing us to embrace our love for all things plants. What’s not to like? 

About PlantLife

PlantLife is a social network for people who are crazy about plants.

Apparently, 70% of all millennials own plants and now, they have somewhere to share the joys of plant parenting. 


This isn’t your usual fly-by-night app startup either, it’s run by two former Nike and Apple exectuives and an architectural landscape and designer.

These people know tech and they know plants. 

Why We Love PlantLife

This really is a celebration of how awesome plants are and how they contribute to the joy of living, when you get your account started, you don’t just add a photo of yourself, you also add images of all your plants.

PlantLife App

Then they encourage you to share as much data on each plant as possible (name, species, age, etc.) so that others can appreciate your plants and if they want to, find new plants to add to their own collection. 

Eventually, this process will be semi-automated and they’re trying to incorporate a plant ID database but for now, you’re the one in charge of your plant’s data. 

And if you have a real passion for plants, you can become a “plant-fluencer” on this platform and help shape other people’s relationships with their plants!

Final Notes

PlantLife is a great place for plant lovers to hang out and as it’s completely free to get started and enjoy, if you love plants, you should set up your account today. 

We look forward to seeing you there and swapping tips and tricks regarding our plant babies.

Get PlantLife here.

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