New Plant Parent Develops Your Green Thumb

Everyone should grow plants at home and that means everyone should become a New Plant Parent.

new plant parent book cover

Whether you’re growing a herb garden or just a humble carrot to cook – learning to take care of plants can be quite daunting at first.

Light, Water And Food

Darryl Cheng’s New Plant Parent strips away all the complexity of caring for plants and focuses on their exact needs.

He shows you how to observe subtleties in the way that a plant lives in order to care for it in the way that it needs and by doing so, how to bond with your plants.

light for plants

Easy To Read And Learn

This is a book full of personal stories and super photographs. 

You’re not going to struggle to get to grips with what Darryl has to teach, in fact, in no time at all, you should be bragging about your green fingers as though you always had them. 

Whether you’re a vegan blogger or whether you’re just looking to enjoy the company of plants, you’re going to love New Plant Parent. 

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