Indoor Plant Paradise Giveaway

We know adding some greenery into your home is essential to create some good vibes, that’s why we created this new giveaway for you!

Indoor plants not only look great at home, but they also bring a very positive mood! Besides the purified air, surrounding yourself with plants makes you feel connected to nature without having to go outside.

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  1. I really would like to add live, green plants to my home to naturally clean the air.
    Because of allergies, we hardly ever open our windows, so having green plants to “freshen” our air would be great!

  2. If you eat avocadoes, plant a seed or two in potting soil in a clay pot &, place in sunny window indoors & water every few days until it sprouts; it grows quickly & you can put pot outside out of direct sun after danger of frost passes; let it get
    acclimated to increased outdoor light for a week or so before moving into direct sun. It can be brought back inside for the winter, but don’t expect it to bloom or bear fruit.

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