How Do I Keep My Christmas Cactus Blooming?

How Do I Keep My Christmas Cactus Blooming?

Once you’ve seen a Christmas cactus bloom you will understand why the Christmas cactus is such a favorite with gardeners the world over.

The colorful flower buds are a joy to behold and when they bloom, they really brighten up the winter.

But getting them to bloom can be a challenge!

So we’ve got a quick guide for you to ensure your Christmas cactus plant gives you the pleasure that you deserve from it.

How To Make Your Christmas Cactus Bloom

Firstly, it’s important to realize that the Christmas cactus is not a member of the desert cacti, and thus, it needs to be cared about in a different way.

The Christmas cactus is, in fact, a forest cactus (learn more about forest cacti here)and thus, it has a preference for tropical conditions. That is bright, indirect light and a rich, moist potting mix, and they can’t tolerate dried-out soil as other cactus plants can.

Once you know this then making your Christmas cactus bloom means paying attention to the water you give them, as well as the light and temperature they are exposed to.

Reduce Watering Your Holiday Cactus

OK, in October, a while before the holiday season – you should be reducing the amount of water that you give your Christmas cactus.

Only water the top inch or so of the soil and only when the soil feels dry when you touch it.

The blooming period is triggered after a period of dormancy. This helps to force the entry of your holiday cacti into dormancy.

Christmas Cacti Need Dark And Cool

Next up it’s time to get the cactus away from direct sunlight and keep it in the dark for at least 12 hours a day and in a cool room. This is essential Christmas cactus care if you want it to bloom.

Too much sunlight and it will think it’s a Christmas cactus, live in the summer sun. And it won’t produce those beautiful flowers.

You can just cover the cactus with a t-shirt if you have no dark room – however, you do need to ensure the temperature is around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I Get My Christmas Cactus To Bloom More Than Once A Year?

Yes. If you want, you can get it to bloom again once or twice by repeating the conditions above. This is easiest in spring.

Other Tips About Christmas Cacti

  • Don’t overwater your plant – it will give it root rot.
  • The Christmas cactus will produce flowers from the ends of leaf segments and too much light, direct sun or the wrong watering schedule can cause the flowers to drop off.
  • When the flowers arrive, they tend to last 5-7 days each. The whole flowering season lasts a few weeks. Make sure to lightly water the plant after buds form or the blooms may break off from the plant.

If this all sounds a bit like hard work – you might want to consider one of these rare, unusual, and unique indoor houseplants or some of these indoor plants for apartments instead of a Christmas cactus.

Final Thoughts On Getting A Christmas Cactus To Bloom

Christmas cactus plants are awesome and as you can see, it’s not as hard to get a Christmas cactus to bloom as it might first appear. You just need to use the tips above to avoid seeing your Christmas cactus limp and absent of flowers.

The Christmas cactus bloom cycle is actually quite easy to manipulate too and you can get plant blooms more than once a year if you try to.

If you’re looking for a Christmas cactus, an Easter cactus, or a Thanksgiving cactus for that matter why not try one of these best plant delivery services and see if they can help?

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