Cauliflower Power Celebrates Vegetable’s Strength

If you’re intending to eat a more plant-based diet then you’re going to want to become close friends with the cauliflower.

Sure, cauliflower is low in carbs and fat and packed with vitamin C. That’s all good.

The true strength of the cauliflower, however, is it’s adaptability. You can fairly and easily approximate a wide range of flavors and textures with this proud vegetable.

Cauliflower is the swiss-army knife of vegetables for the vegan crowd.

Cauliflower Power

About Lindsay Grimes Freedman

Lindsay Grimes Freedman is a blogger and vlogger with long experience in developing tasty recipes for the world. Check out her Cauliflower Everything Bagels video recipe here.

Cauliflower Power is her first cookbook and as you might expect, she turns her considerable talents on the vegetable in question to create 75 amazing recipes for you and your family.

Who Knew What You Could Do With Cauliflower?

You’ll learn how to make bagels, scones, pizzas, sauces, sides, salads, “bacon” bits (no bacon involved) and even French Toast!

No matter what kind of diet you eat, there’s something in there for everyone. It’s all gluten-free and rich in flavor!

One More Thing About Cauliflower

One thing you might not know about the humble cauliflower is that it’s also reputed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

You can use Lindsay’s recipes to eat your way to a more pain-free life too, she says, and that makes this cookbook an absolutely essential buy for your kitchen.

You can find Cauliflower Power: 75 Feel-Good, Gluten-Free Recipes Made with the World’s Most Versatile Vegetable by Lindsay Grimes Freedman online.

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