Indoor Plants for Apartments

15 Best Indoor Plants for Apartments

Studies say that just the sight of green plants can help us live longer and keep us healthier, but how do you manage to get your daily...
Herbs To Grow Indoors

10 Best Herbs To Grow Indoors

Growing herbs can be super easy or it can be a real challenge and some herbs are too much for even the most experienced gardeners. Our picks for...
Best Plants for a Bachelor Pad

Top 10 Best Plants for a Bachelor Pad

Got a bachelor pad? Wish you could have a little green in the place but worried that you might not get around to watering the plants before...

Top 10 Best Grow Lights for 2021

Growing outdoors is a challenge, but bringing your plants indoors doesn’t necessarily make life easier for you.  The big things for indoor plants are water, soil and light.  It’s...
Herbs Indoors

10 Herbs That Grow Indoors Easily

Wanting to get into growing your own herbs but not sure where to start? Well, we’ve got some super tasty choices that are very easy to grow indoors.  We...

Best Herbs for Indoor Gardens

When asked, nearly every American says that they wish they could grow some or all of their own food.  And here’s the thing - they can! It doesn’t matter...
how to grow microgreens

How To Grow Microgreens

Many Americans would love to grow their own food but there’s just one thing stopping them, a lack of garden space.  Microgreens are the perfect answer for all...
free garden planners

Free Garden Planners For Beginners

If you hunt around online, you’ll find dozens of lists of “challenges for gardeners” and yet, many of these lists could boil down to a single bullet...
balcony plant

How Environmentally Friendly Are Balcony Plants?

One effect of global warming is that we can now grow more plants than we used to be able to in the northern hemisphere. And many of...
urban kitchen gardening

Urban Kitchen Gardening Guide for 2021

If there’s one thing everyone should know, it’s that it’s easy to grow your own food, anywhere. That’s what we hope to show in our urban kitchen gardening...

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