Baby Food

Going plant-based in your eating can be challenging, but when it comes to transitioning children to a plant-based diet, you need to be super careful.

That’s where the Big Book of Plant-Based Baby Food comes in, it’s got 300 recipes that any parent can put together and ensure their growing little ones don’t miss out on any nutrients. 

Why We Love The Big Book of Plant-Based Baby Food

All the recipes in Tamika L Gardener’s book come from fresh, healthy, whole foods and that means you know that your children will be getting the best nutrients in the largest possible quantities. 

The Big Book of Plant-Based Baby Food

She makes it all so simple to follow too. The purees, snacks and finger foods she offers up are all delightfully easy to make and our kids absolutely love them. 

Final Thoughts On Big Book of Plant-Based Baby Food

If you want to raise the youngest children in your home on a plant-based diet, you need this book. 

Not only will your kids love the taste of this food but it will help to ensure that they stay healthy while you make the change in their diet. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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