Top 4 Best Vegan Shampoos For 2022

It’s not always easy to keep your hair clean and to stay ethical and that’s why you need our best vegan shampoos.

Too many products are still being tested on animals.

So many products out there have been tested on animals and in 2021? That’s not good enough.

We know what’s safe for human hair and what’s not now, there’s no excuse for animal cruelty in beauty. 

So, why not make the switch to a better hair product, today?

Best All Rounder
Pacifica Salty Waves

Pacifica is a brand you can trust and all their products are animal-free and cruelty-free.
They always source the highest quality plant ingredients too. 

Best Vegan Shampoos


The Salty Waves Shampoo is based on sea algae, hence the product name, and it’s perfect for all hair types and you’ll love the scent it leaves in your hair!


1. This is a super affordable vegan shampoo that you can rely on
2. Supplies superb volume for your hair
3. We found it also had moisturizing properties for dry hair


1. We’d like to see Pacifica introduce refills for this line
2. We’d like to see Pacifica place more detail on their website about standards they meet
3. We’d like them to commit to zero waste

Best For Easily Damaged Hair
Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo

Shea Moisture began as a minority-owned brand but was recently acquired by Unilever.

We find that their products are generally vegan (and they are all cruelty-free) but it’s important to check labels if you buy other products from them.  


This is an amazing shampoo for those with thick, wavy hair with a variety of potentially challenging conditions. It positively encourages healthy hair growth!


1. Reduces frizz better than any other shampoo that we’ve tried
2. Keeps oiliness of your hair completely under control
3. Keeps breakages of hair and split ends to a minimum


1. It’s Unilever and not all their products or brands are vegan
2. No refills
3. Quite expensive for a “big brand” shampoo 

Best Shampoo Bar
Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar

Ethique was the world’s first zero-waste lifestyle brand and as you’d imagine this product is no exception – it’s zero waste.

They have a wide-range of shampoo bars to choose from but this is our favorite.  


A shampoo bar might seem expensive but it provides the washing equivalent of three bottles of shampoo making it superb value!


1. Packaging free means kinder to the planet
2. Superb value for money due to long lasting product
3. Ethique is an established and credible vegan and green brand


1. Not everyone likes using shampoo bars
2. Contains sulfates which some consumers dislike
3. The bars smell great but they don’t seem to leave a scent in your hair

Best For Treating Yourself
Nature’s Gate Shampoo Herbal Daily

When you want a little luxury, then you might want to opt for Nature’s Gate Shampoo.
Sure, it’s not the cheapest option but it feels amazing in your hair.  


All Nature’s Gate products only use 100% natural ingredients in their formulation. This is important if you want a truly ethical hair wash


1. It’s completely gluten-free, soy-free and paraben-free
2. The Jojoba oil does a brilliant job of keeping moisture in your hair all day long
3. It makes your scalp tingle and gives you energy


1. Again, we’d like to see refills for these bottles made available
2. It’s quite expensive for shampoo
3. There’s not much data on their website for a “transparent” brand

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