20 Best Vegan Kitchen Tools

Eating plant-based food is the trend that’s gripping America and 20 million of us are now proud to be vegan. 

But if you’re just starting out on your vegan journey, you may be wondering what to stock your kitchen with. 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of our best vegan kitchen tools and don’t worry, you probably have a lot of them already. 

Chef’s Knife

Perhaps, the number one tool for followers of the plant-based diet, is the chef’s knife. 

So, don’t cheap out on it. Make sure that you opt for the highest quality that you can afford. 

Chef's Knife

A chef’s knife should be 8” long and you’re going to need it to hack up large fruit and veg, and the weight of a knife like this makes the chopping action much easier. 

Knife Sharpener

It’s up to you whether you opt for an electric knife sharpener or a more traditional grinding stone, but either way, you need one.

Dull knives make cutting hard work and they can easily slip off during cutting and injure you, instead. 

A Cutting Board

You can cut anything you want on a large cutting board and we like to get one with a sort of carved gutter as it prevents water from draining off clean veggies and running onto the floor. 

Cutting Board

Wood is the most eco-friendly material but it may stain and needs to be cared for to get the best lifespan out of it. 

Lemon Squeezer

We love to add a splash of lemon or lime juice to everything from salads to desserts, it just adds a sour boost of life and a lemon squeezer is essential to get the most juice from small citrus fruits.

Can Opener

You almost certainly have a can opener already, but if you don’t then it’s time to invest in one. 

Can Opener

You definitely don’t need to spend a fortune on a can opener and a cheap metal one will get cans open but you will be opening a lot of cans, so if you want to reduce the effort you put in, spend a little more. 

Egg Whisk

You won’t be eating eggs but a whisk is the perfect tool for whipping up sauces to the right consistency. 

Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans

It is better to buy a smaller set but of a higher quality when it comes to pots and pans, we prefer ceramic pans but stainless steel is good too. 

Large Bowls

Vegan kitchens need large bowls because they’re for serving the food in! 

As vegan food has a low level of calories, you need big portions to stay nourished. 

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet is a lifetime investment, buy a good one, care for it properly and you will never need another. 

Kitchen Scissors

We can’t live without kitchen scissors, in fact, we use them so often that we have 2-3 pairs so that we can always get them at short notice.

They’re the perfect tool for opening packets and for chopping herbs (why not grow your own with these kits?) quickly too. 

Measuring Cups/Spoons

Measuring Cups

If you want your baked goods to turn out the way you intended, you need to be able to measure ingredients accurately. 

Mixing Bowls

Another baking essential, we recommend bowls with a silicon base for the best grip and they’re often sold in attractive matching sets which can be nice too. 

Baking Pans

Baking Pans

Buy a full set of baking pans and you’ll be able to produce bread, muffins, cookies and more without any real effort. 


Spatulas are the best stirring aid and you can use them to ensure you get everything out of a mixing bowl, something that spoons really struggle with. 

A Blender


A blender can make a huge difference to the vegan life, it’s not absolutely essential, but if you want to make awesome soups, smoothies, cheeses, dressings, dips, etc. you need a blender.

A Grill Pan

Definitely not the first thing to buy but a grill pan is awesome when it’s too cold or rainy outside for a BBQ and it leaves neat marks on veggies too. 

Garlic Press

Garlic Press

If you’re tired of chopping garlic, a garlic press makes short work of things and they’re not expensive. 

Tofu Press

If you use a lot of tofu, it’s best to get a tofu press as it’s much less effort than wrapping it and then leaving it under heavy objects. 



Steaming is perfect for setian (that’s a meat alternative that many vegans love) and you can also steam veggies in it. 

Food Processor

The food processor comes after a blender in our priorities but it’s a close run thing. 

Making your own hummus has never been easier, though, once you have one. 

And if you’re following the plant-based baby and toddler guide, the food processor becomes totally essential. 

Final Thoughts On Best Vegan Kitchen Tools

Vegan cooking isn’t much different from any other kind of cooking, there’s just a bit more preparation required for fruits and vegetables. 

If you have the items above in your kitchen, you’ll be ready to cook pretty much any plant-based meal without too much hassle. 

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