Top 7 Best Vegan Handbags Brands for 2022

You don’t have to be a vegan to appreciate vegan fashion and that’s what we kept in mind when we chose our best vegan handbag brands. 

In fact, it seems to us while there’s an argument in favor of eating animals, there’s much less of one for wearing animal products when there are plenty of ethical alternatives.

Nobody wants to compromise their style though and you won’t have to with these gorgeous cruelty free choices.

Angela Roi

New York’s big entry in our list is Angela Roi which was founded by umm… Angela and Roi. They use vegan leather products to create premium vegan handbag experiences.


When you spend with Angela Roi a share of the profits is used to try to help animals that might otherwise be poached or be badly treated. 


1. No trade-offs or short cuts – it’s all ethical 
2. Complete transparency in manufacturing process
3. Committed to fair wage practices


Eloise Satchel – a classic bag that’s perfect for every occasion
Cher Micro – when you want something smaller for more intimate moments
Cher Tote – a large and super functional tote that we adore

Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat hail from Canada and they’ve made a big name for themselves there as one of the best vegan handbag brands and they’re looking to take that farther afield. 


They specialize in everyday wear for those that love a minimalist look and feel to their handbags. 


1. Fully transparent, working to the SA8000 standard in their factories
2. Fully vegan and materials that are best for the environment
3. Brand ambassadors have included Nathalie Portman and Tobey Maguire!


Adel Satchel – a decent sized every day bag with a great pocket inside
Bee Crossbody Bag – if you want a handbag that clings to you, this is the one
Hope Charity Bag – small and elegant for nights out and big functions


Doshi are relative newcomers to the handbag game having only launched in 2017. Their bag range is pretty broad and on top of handbags they also offer briefcases and laptop bags. 


Doshi are excellent for catering to men’s needs as well as women’s and if your man likes a handbag, this is where to go. 


1. Currently aiming for BSCI auditing controls in every factory they use
2. Trying to eliminate synthetic materials where possible 
3. Using recycled materials where possible 


Lady Bag 2 – a super secure and really stylish large bag for all purpose use
Little Camera Bag – you don’t have to put a camera in it, but you could
City Brief – a very masculine choice for a man who prefers to carry his bag

Alexandra K

Alexandra K wants to use fashion to create positive change in the world. They say your style tells the world what you stand for and that’s an easy way to send a message.


They don’t just support the Humane Society International – they also volunteer their time there!


1. Require transparency from suppliers

2. Would be nice to see more transparency on their products though

3. Committed to fair and equitable pay arrangements for artisans


Bandolier Hip Bag – a super boxy shoulder bag that looks amazing!
Activist Tote Bag – bright, breezy and definitely making a fashion statement.
Reader Satchel – it’s not alligator, of course, but it sure looks like it!

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney may be the best known vegan handbag brand in the world. She’s always been very clear about her ethical and vegan credentials and excels at being transparent about all business practices.


This brand is always looking to improve its practices and seeks to treat people, planet and animals on an equal basis always. 


1. Very easy to audit and find out what’s going on

2. Products are made to a very high ethical and quality standard

3. Prices, sadly, reflect the excellence of the brand


Mini Falabella Shoulder Bag – an eye-catching sparkling night time mid-sized affair
Falabella Fold Over Tote – when a shoulder bag simply won’t give you enough space
Medium Hobo Bag – a gorgeous classic shoulder bag that screams class

HFS Collective

HFS Collective celebrates the “joy of less”. That is they believe that you live a better life with better quality products and fewer of them. They bring joy. 


All their products are made in Los Angeles and everyone is paid a living wage in a workplace that is healthy, happy and safe.


1. They use organic cotton or hemp when possible
2. Incorporate recycled plastic bottles into designs
3. Very transparent and conform to a number of standards


Half Moon Convertible Crossbody – the perfect casual experience bag
Water/Wine Bottle Bag – the bag everyone needs when they’re thirsty
Gigi Pyrite Clutch – there aren’t so many clutches on this list and this is lovely!


Gunas has been a vegan handbag brand since it started in a Manhattan studio apartment 10 years ago. It’s a brand that means activism and it’s proud of it.


Gunas says “they give back” and to prove it they have a list of over 50 organizations that they’ve given to over the years!

Things We Love About Gunas


1. Our rating might be unfair – they’re not as easy to audit as we’d like

2. Committed vegan activists and very clear about their mission

3. Avoids toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process


Koko – a very classy tote style bag that we love
Meghan – a circular style bag that stands out from the crowd
Cottontail – gorgeous and something we could see appearing in Desperate Housewives!


We hope that you’ve enjoyed taking a look at these super ethical best vegan handbag brands and that you’ve found something that will look great on your arm. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a plant-based lifestyle why not check out our guide to plant-based diets? It’s super helpful. 

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