Top 20 Best Plant-Based Blogs for 2022

One of the best things about being a vegan is that you’re in great company as you can tell from our best vegan blogs! Each one of these amazing vegans can inspire you to raise your plant-based game and live a better more fulfilled life.

Olives For Dinner

Olives for Dinner says that they offer recipes for the ethical vegan and that’s completely true but it doesn’t convey quite how beautiful the food here is. 

Give their Homemade Ravioli a try for a taste of brilliance!

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A Considered Life

There’s more than just veganism to A Considered Life which brings us a bird’s eye view of “simple sustainable living”.

Check out their recipe for roasted sweet spiced nuts, it’s fabulous!

The Compassionate Road

Gemma Davis the creator of The Compassionate Road considers herself to be an Ambassador for the Voiceless.

We’d recommend reading her insightful piece on why they should end dolphin circuses. 

Oh She Glows

One of the biggest recipe creators for vegans online is Angela Liddon and her blog is called Oh She Glows!

We can’t imagine anyone not enjoying her obsession-worthy peanut butter cookie ice cream!

The Full Helping

Run by Gena, a certified nutritionist, The Full Helping is all about vegan lifestyle choices combined with truly healthy recipes.

We thought that her vegan spinach lasagna rolls were to die for. 


If you want an incredible educational resource for vegans then look no further than Kim Sujovolsky’s Brownable

This is the best way to transition to a full vegan diet – we found this piece on how to tell people you’ve become vegan really useful. 

Black Vegans Rock

Of course, Black Vegans Rock

But Aph Ko’s blog is all about ensuring the world understands the contributions of the black community to veganism.

Check out her feature on Shaun Louis to get a flavor of Aph’s work. 

Keepin’ It Kind

Kristy and Chris Turner combined their talents to bring us one of the most attractive vegan blogs ever – you can almost taste the photography!

Keepin’ It Kind is one of our favorites as is their Gluten-Free, Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. 

Bake And Destroy

Hipster cool oozes from Natalie Slater’s Bake and Destroy, not. 
She brings punk, metal, and pro-wrestling to vegan junk food and it’s great!

Check out her Chicago’s Best Vegan Eats to get a better feel for her. 

The Vegan 8

Brandi Dorning is our hero! 
That’s because every recipe on the Vegan 8 can be made with 8 ingredients or less.

That’s the perfect after work recipe and we love her vegan gluten-free cornbread too!

Blissful Basil

If you want colorful, clean and healthy recipes that are completely plant-based then you have to check out Ashely Melilo’s Blissful Basil

Her easy vegan enchiladas are the perfect winter snack when you’ve got friends round. 

Simple Vegan Blog

The Simple Vegan Blog is amazing! 
When you just want something to eat and you have no effort to bring to bear on it – then simple is the way to go!

Check out this super breakfast avocado smoothie recipe. 

One Arab Vegan

We love a flavor of something different and One Arab Vegan’s recipes are all inspired by the cuisine of the Middle East.

This vegan seitan shawarma for example is the perfect sandwich meal. 

The Discerning Brute

It doesn’t have to be a recipe blog to be a vegan blog and the Discerning Brute is all about the vegan fashion for gentlemen, instead.
This article on brave gentleman’s winter 2020 footwear is amazing! 


Veganlovlie which is run by Teenuja & Kevin Dahari is really special – all their vegan food is based on the food culture of Mauritius!

These vegan buckwheat crepes with a potato and lentil samosa filling are simply superb!

The Nomadic Vegan

If you want a real challenge in life, you move from country-to-country and try to stay vegan!

That’s the ethos behind The Nomadic Vegan which explores vegan travel everywhere. 

This vegan guide to Greece is awesome! 

Unconventional Baker

Not only is there an emphasis on sweet treats on the Unconventional Baker but there’s also a nod to ensuring that every vegan dish is allergy-friendly.

We don’t think there’s anybody on the planet that could resist the charms of their candied pecan cheesecake! 

Delightful Vegans

The Delightful Vegans offer all their readers a free vegan recipe book which is always a nice start.

They spice up the food with some travel stories too! 

We really enjoyed their jam-filled crispy Christmas tree!

My Goodness Kitchen

Amanda Logan may be our favorite vegan writer and her blog My Goodness Kitchen is on our regular reading list because of it.

We’d recommend trying her easy vegan wellington recipe because it’s every bit as good as the meat ones we used to eat in our past life. 

Mississippi Vegan

You need to use a full screen to view the Mississippi Vegan and then you’ll get to appreciate the awesome photography that it contains.

We loved their Tori’s Potato Salad which we think everyone could enjoy on a cold winter’s day.  

Running On Real Food

Last, but very definitely not least is Running on Real Food.

Deryn Macey is one of the most prolific bloggers on our list and they always have something interesting to say!

Check out their lentil meatballs because they’re yummy!

Last Word on Vegan Blogs

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of the top 20 best vegan blogs and that you’ve found new reading to help inspire your plant-based life.

It can be tough being a vegan at times. That’s because you need some time to adjust to this way of life and to learn to cook without animal products.

Of course, if you’re just getting started as a vegan you may find our introductory guide to plant-based diets very helpful. 

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