Best Plants for Windowless Bathrooms

Best Plants for Windowless Bathrooms

If your bathroom has no windows, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve some nice house plants.

And no, they don’t need to be plastic plants, either. What you need is plants in the bathroom that can survive in windowless bathroom conditions.

And we’ve got some plants that are happy to live without natural light in either low light or artificial light. They’re also happy with the kind of humidity that all bathroom plants must endure.

Lucky Bamboo

Our first pick for a windowless bathroom is the lucky bamboo and we like this because not only can it handle the low light setting with ease, it doesn’t need soil either.

Just put in water and the change the water on a regular basis and you can’t go wrong with this tropical plant.

Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos is one of those clean air plants that is said to cleanse the air of pollutants.

It also has very attractive foliage and it’s fine under fluorescent lights or with indirect sunlight rather than full sun.

It’s quite easy to grow this in water with no soil too.

Spider Plant

This spider plant is famous for its ability to live in a windowless bathroom or pretty much anywhere else.

It’s also a clean air plant and is said to suck formaldehyde, in particular, out of the air around you.

We think it’s one of the best plants for a low light environment and it will love the high humidity of your bathroom as all the best bathroom plants do.

Boston Fern

This plant is happy enough without direct light for the majority of its time and artificial lights won’t kill it but you should occasionally give it a bit of bright light if you want it to thrive.

If you have a window, even a small one, placing in the bathroom window will be enough to keep it happy.


These tropical plants enjoy artificial lights and they’re among the best plants in high temperature and humidity levels because they’re from the tropics.

That makes them super happy in humid environments like your bathroom with warm water keeping it at the right temperature.

Dumb Cane

This plant does well in low light but will eventually wither away without any sunlight. If the leaves become very pale and the stems become thin? Take it out and put it somewhere to recover and put a different plant in the bathroom for a while.

There’s no need to allow a plant to die in your bathroom.

Aloe Vera Plant

Not only does this plant enjoy the humid conditions of your bathroom but it’s nice to have on hand, just in case you ever scald yourself on hot water.

But it must be given sun every 7-10 days if you want to keep it happy.

If you’re curious about which direction you water an aloe vera plant in, we’ve got a great guide to watering aloe vera plants.

Arrowhead Plant

This is a great plant for a dark bathroom because it will happily grow in a vase with just water in it, as lucky bamboo does.

Snake Plant

One of the hardiest house plants of them all is the snake plant and like some other plants, it also has a good reputation for cleaning the air around you.

In fact, NASA carried out tests on these plants to prove they clean the air!

Caring for snake plants is easy if you know how much light a snake plant needs and how much water snake plants require.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen as you might expect hails from the tropics, it’s naturally slow-growing and can tolerate life easily without direct sunlight but it will need the occasional blast of natural light to stay healthy.

ZZ Plant

Use grow lights and your ZZ plant will be super happy. They’re very drought tolerant and need infrequent watering.

They also use a very small pot, which makes them easy to situate in a bathroom.

Cast Iron Plant

Cast iron plants love living in bathrooms, but that’s because they love living anywhere, pretty much.

Just give it some sun about once a fortnight and it will last forever!

Final Thoughts

A windowless bathroom doesn’t have to mean a lack of indoor plants. It just means you need to pick plants for artificial lighting and low light conditions.

The plants above are all low light plants that can handle just a little indirect light or artificial light. That means you can enjoy the clean air and pleasant green provided by a plant without any downsides!

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