5 Best Plant Based Probiotic Gummies For 2022

Switching to a plant-based diet is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself and for the planet, but sometimes, the change can upset your digestive system a little.

If you want to bring your gut back into balance without having to resort to medication then a plant-based probiotic can be the ideal solution.

And plant-based probiotic gummies have the additional advantage of tasting great and being easy to swallow, even for children and adults with learning disorders.

So, we went out to test the legions of these gummies, to bring you the best and most effective on the market, check them out. 

Yuve Vegan Probiotic Sugar-Free Gummies

Yuve Vegan is a company that you can really rely on for producing kind and healthy products and they’re also committed to being sustainable across their range.

This gummy uses Bacillus Coagulans and it is meant to improve vaginal flora, help with IBS and constipation as well as preventing diarrhea, and it can give you an immune boost too. 


1. Completely allergy safe and if you email the company with any concerns, they’ll check for you
2. No harsh scent and no unpleasant aftertaste which is quite common with gummies
3. Really does help with bloating and constipation without being harsh


1. The texture of these gummies is a little bit strange, not like a standard gummy
2. The lemon flavor is something on acquired taste
3. Some users report receiving expired bottles (though they note customer care swapped them out after)

BeLive Fiber Prebiotic Sugar-Free Gummies with Inulin, Digestive Support for Kids & Adults

This is an excellent prebiotic and probiotic combination from BeLive with a lot of fiber in each gummy too to help your digestive function.

They are also said to help regulate your blood sugar and cholesterol levels which is very handy and many users report that it’s easier to get to a healthy weight when taking them. 


1. The best tasting gummy in our tests, we’d be happy to eat these even if they had no benefits
2. Many users report that they see a substantial reduction in bloating when using them
3. This formula includes a prebiotic as well a probiotic


1. One of the most expensive offerings in our tests, though good value for money
2. The recent change in formula saw a reduction in inulin and chicory root
3. There is something of a noticeable aftertaste in the new formula

up4 Probiotic Gummies for Adults

You’ll find a pair of bacteria Bacillus Coagulans and Bacillus Subtilis in the UP4 formulation and this is meant to be easier to balance your gut with than using a single bacteria. 

It is meant to make it much harder for harmful bacteria to colonize in your gut and promote the production of healthy dietary enzymes that allow for easier digestion. 


1. A pleasant tasting, soft gummy that melts in the mouth and doesn’t need swallowing
2. Many users report a positive impact on digestion and even acid reflux
3. They are very easy to incorporate in your daily care routine


1. Some users report receiving bottles after their expiry date though they note that they were changed out by customer care with no issue
2. They are much more expensive in stores than they are online
3. There are two gummies per serving which means you go through them fast

Carlyle Probiotic Gummies for Adults 

Carlyle is a trusted brand in the probiotic space and though this is labelled “vegetarian” it’s also suited for use by vegans, so don’t worry, it’s plant-based.

Each dose of this probiotic is meant to deliver 1 billion active cells of Bacillus Coagulans and that’s a pretty incredible thing to capture in a gummy, right? 


1. They make a point of advising pregnant or nursing women to consult a doctor before taking supplements
2. They work very well and you need to take only one gummy per serving
3. They have a very pleasant texture which sits nicely on the tongue


1. They taste odd, and there’s a distinct aftertaste to them which we weren’t keen on
2. They’re quite expensive for what they are
3. There’s no prebiotic included in this probiotic

Zhou Nutrition Gut Guru Prebiotic and Probiotic Health Supplement Gummies

We confess, we were really excited to try the Zhou Nutrition Probiotic. Why? Because they are blue raspberry flavor and that’s one of our favorite flavors of all time!

We liked the fact that they use the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) as a standard and also have a full assay of the finished products at their testing lab in Utah after production. 


1. Blue raspberries! Best flavor ever and yes, it tastes great not fake.
2. 2 billion active bacteria units in every gummy, they’re super powerful
3. Contains a fiber prebiotic included in the price


1. Some customers have said they didn’t feel any change in their gut when using this
2. Only 60 gummies per container, making them expensive per serving
3. They don’t have any noticeable scent which is a bit odd

Final Thoughts On Best Plant Based Probiotic Gummies

The vegan diet is getting better and better, with awesome food products, great cookbooks and super vegan meal delivery services.

However, the more you opt for plant-based eating, the more important it becomes to take supplements to help balance the impact of the new diet on your body.

Probiotics can really help you achieve awesome gut health without taking harsh over the counter medications and who doesn’t love gummies? 

Each of these plant-based probiotic gummies can help you ensure that you feel great every day and renew your commitment to eating plant-based food, safe in the knowledge, you’re doing the right thing for the planet. 

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