Top 10 Best Grow Lights for 2022, According to Potheads

Growing outdoors is a challenge, but bringing your plants indoors doesn’t necessarily make life easier for you. 

The big things for indoor plants are water, soil and light. 

It’s easy to water plants and check the soil but getting light by relying on the sun shining through the window can be a bit hit and miss.

That’s why you might want to consider one of these excellent grow lights to keep your indoor plants happy. 

Our Top Best Grow Lights

LED Grow Light, Roleadro 75W Grow Light for Indoor Plants

This is a nice, simple, all in one light that will help you grow herbs indoors or microgreens or anything else that you can think of.

It distributes light very well across a tray and you can alter the light’s wavelength to whatever your plants prefer. 

We’d have liked to see them include a timer on this light and it could be easier to install but for the price it’s great value. 

GE Lighting 93101230 LED Grow Light

If you already have light fittings and want to use those for your grow lights then there’s no reason you should just buy a specially adapted bulb.

This will save you money in the short-term but we found that these bulbs can burn out very quickly compared to other LED lights and, in the long run, they may not save you as much as you hope.

We do like the natural white light from this bulb though and it is full-spectrum which means it’s fine for most plants.

Feit Electric GLP24FS/19W/LED Dual Full LED Plant Grow Tube Light

If you want a tube that you can mount on a handy nearby surface to your growing area, then this Feit Electric is a great choice. 

It’s very light and one of the easiest lights to install in our tests. It uses a combination of blue and red light that is good for plant growth and has a very low heat emission.

The only thing we can find wrong with this light is that it’s not really big enough to tackle growing the largest of plants. 

TORCHSTAR Herb Indoor Garden, Kitchen Plant Grow LED with Timer Function

If you’re growing herbs indoors this is a great option for lighting from TorchStar as it doesn’t just include the lighting, it also includes the container for growing your herbs too.

The set up is designed to emulate natural light and turns on for 16 hours and then off for 8 and you’ll find it should fit on most surfaces without any problems.

The only complaint we have about this one is that you can’t adjust this set up – you have to use it exactly as it’s supplied. 

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

If you’re just been to one of our best online nurseries and invested in a nice set of herbs and veggies to grow at home, you ought to consider investing in something like this AeroGarden Harvest Elite.

It contains a large planter to put the plants in and then combines that with high-performance LED lighting to ensure that everything grows at the fastest possible rate.

It includes an excellent control panel to let you take full charge of how your plants grow too, though, we would note, it’s not the easiest set up to clean. 

VIVOSUN 6500K 2FT T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture for Indoor Plants

If you’ve got a large bed set up somewhere indoors and want to be able to light the whole thing easily then the VIVOSUn can accommodate up to 8 tube-style grow lights at once.

It makes sure that you can get light to every seedling without too much fuss and while it’s a little pricier than we’d like, we would note that it is really well made.

We also found it very easy to install on the ceiling above our indoor bed and it can be attached to a shelving unit too which is handy. 

EZORKAS 9 Dimmable Levels Grow Light with 3 Modes Timing Function for Indoor Plants

We love the look of the EZORKAS lights which look like they belong in a futuristic space disco with the cast of Star Wars quaffing drinks beside them.

But what makes them super useful for growing your plants is the fact that they are bendable and can thus be made to reach areas that might otherwise be missed by standard lights.

You can simply set them up, set the timer and then forget about them which is a nice way to get started with grow lights too. 

Tabletop Sunlite® Garden

If you want an all-in-one system which doesn’t just include the lights but a full-indoor garden then the Tabletop Sunlite®  Garden is a fabulous choice.

You can adjust the height of the plants below the lighting using a neat little system that operates by a pull chain and it’s not at all hard on your back.

The only downside with this setup is the fairly substantive price but to be fair, you’re getting a lot of high quality components in a single device. 

EXLENVCE 1500W 1200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

This large but simple to use Red and Blue full spectrum lighting setup pumps out 1500 Watts of power to your plants and they’re going to love that light.

Unsurprisingly, that kind of power is very bright, so if you intend to leave your plants overnight with the lights on, don’t put them in your bedroom. 

It’s really good for climbing plants, like tomatoes, that need the light to penetrate all the way down the stem. 

SANSI Grow Light Bulb with COC Technology, PPF 65.6 umol/s LED Full Spectrum, 36W Grow Lamp

This neat little standard socket bulb can easily be plugged into any standard desk lamp and it keeps your costs for grow lights down.

It’s an ideal light for growing in winter as it offers some really solid full spectrum light that mimics full sunlight (at least as far as the plants are concerned).

Just be warned: these bulbs are heavier than your average light bulb and you need to be careful to ensure that the base of the lamp is heavy enough that it won’t tip over. 

Final Thoughts On Best Grow Lights

So, there you have it, no matter what kind of setup you have or how many plants you intend to grow, there’s a grow light that can help make your life easier.

And as you can see, you don’t need to spend a fortune on buying lights to get going.

So, why not start your first indoor herb garden today and in a month, you could be enjoying some fresh herbs from your own garden!

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