8 Best Apps For Plant Lovers In 2022

Love plants and want to know more about them? 

Then you need the best apps for your smartphones and tablets to help make that task as easy as possible.

These apps are all incredible at the things they do and can help you with everything from garden management to identifying new species!

Smart Plant

The coolest feature of SmartPlant is their “Digital Care Calendar”. In it, you record all the plants that you have in your garden and it then provides all the data you need to care for those plants in the best manner possible. 

It can also be used to plan ahead and you can ensure that you’re capable of caring effectively for potential new acquisitions to the garden too. 


Leafsnap is a giant among apps and while their website looks pretty basic, it’s used globally as the primary identification tool for plants.

It was developed by the Smithsonian Institute, Columbia University and the University of Maryland and is even used by Britain’s Natural History Museum for identifying rare species.

It’s full of amazing images and really useful data. 

Garden Plan Pro

It can be really difficult to know what to do when you first start to grow your own plant-based food but, in fact, Garden Plan Pro makes it super easy.

It can help you sketch out the layout of a vegetable patch or your first herb garden and ensure that everything is ordered effectively and you have all the care instructions that you need to hand. 

Flower Checker

If you want to be able to identify wild flowers then flow checker is the kind of these style apps, it’s a paid for service but there are no adverts to make up for that.

It works thanks to the expertise of a team of real life botanists who monitor the submissions and when the identity is unknown, work to determine what it ought to be. 

It’s an excellent app that we couldn’t live without on our nature walks. 


Not got the budget for flower checker? Then Plantifier might be the app for you, instead of using expert botanists, Plantifier is the crowdsourced approach to plant identification.

You take a snap of the plant, then you upload that to the app and then other users will work together to try and provide the best id for you.

In addition to this, it’s great at offering growing tips for plants and flowers in your garden. 

GKH Gardening Companion

If you just want to get better organized when it comes to looking after the plants in your garden then GKH’s gardening companion is a superb choice of app.

You can track each plant, its progress, the care that you give that plant, and even set reminders to chivvy you along when it comes to the care regime you’re working on.

If you spend all your time with your hands in soil, this is going to really make life easier. 


iNaturalist is a biodiversity social network in your pocket and though, sadly, it’s for Apple iOS only, it’s an incredible resource with millions of individual observations logged each month.

The project comes from the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society and is run on a not-for-profit basis and yes, this app is free because as they say, “nature is for everyone.”

It can be used in every country on Earth and even has support for nearly 40 different languages!


PlantNet is meant for iPad users and it’s one of the more powerful ID databases out there and it stresses the need for great, clear images if you want accurate information.

However, to date, they’ve only catalogued about 5% of all the species they intend to catalog, so they may not always be able to give you the info you need in a hurry. 

Final Thoughts On Best Apps For Plant Lovers

So, there you go, the best apps for plant lovers and you could use all of them if you wanted the maximum benefit.

We’ve also got some great additional resources for plant lovers and you might appreciate our guide to low maintenance plants, these free garden planning tools, and this guide to urban gardening for beginners. Enjoy!

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