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Poppy Adams

Impossible Burger Giveaway

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ll know that the popularity of plant-based meat alternatives has exploded around the globe! We love Impossible Burgers! Try them yourself! What are you waiting to enter and win the Impossible Burger…

How To Grow Your Own Food In The City

how to grow your own food in the city

35% of American households grow their own food according to the National Gardening Association. If you want to join them, you can and it’s easy, cheap and so fulfilling to grow your own food. And yes, you can even grow…

The Proof is in the Plants

Veggie Bowl

Simon Hill is a qualified nutritonist with a misson to bring you the agenda free truth about the optimum diet for human health and the health of the planet.  His book the Proof is in the Plants aims to bring…

Urban Gardening for Beginners

Urban Gardening

Anyone can grow fresh food at home, if they want to and they know how.  We believe that millions of Americans want to but many simply don’t know how and more still, believe that they don’t have enough space to…

Indoor Kitchen Gardening Giveaway

Filled with mouthwatering photography and more than 200 pages of Do-It-Yourself in-home gardening information and projects, Indoor Kitchen Gardening is your gateway to this exciting new growing method! Don’t miss your chance to win a copy of the Indoor Kitchen…

Common Types of Mushrooms Guide

Amanita Mushroom

More and more people are realizing how great foraged mushrooms can taste but many more have been put off looking for mushrooms in mother nature for fear of making a fatal mistake. We can’t blame them, the consequences of eating…

Indoor Herb Garden Giveaway

herb garden giveaway

We’ve partnered with some amazing sites to bring you the Indoor Herb Garden Giveaway. Soon you’ll be enjoying your own home grown micro-green salads! Just Imagine… Click to Enter

Guide To Plants That Repel Bugs


Is your home or garden an insect attracting magnet?  Then it’s time to get your garden full of plants that keep the bugs away without resorting to harsh chemical sprays.  The good news is that most of these plants don’t…