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Poppy Adams

Common Types of Mushrooms Guide

Amanita Mushroom

More and more people are realizing how great foraged mushrooms can taste but many more have been put off looking for mushrooms in mother nature for fear of making a fatal mistake. We can’t blame them, the consequences of eating…

Indoor Herb Garden Giveaway

herb garden giveaway

We’ve partnered with some amazing sites to bring you the Indoor Herb Garden Giveaway. Soon you’ll be enjoying your own home grown micro-green salads! Just Imagine… Click to Enter

Guide To Plants That Repel Bugs


Is your home or garden an insect attracting magnet?  Then it’s time to get your garden full of plants that keep the bugs away without resorting to harsh chemical sprays.  The good news is that most of these plants don’t…

How To Clean Strawberries

how to clean strawberries

The tastiest treat of the spring is also one of the dirtiest. Yes, strawberries are considered to be one of the most polluted fruits in the supermarket thanks to the massive use of pesticide when they’re grown.  That doesn’t mean…

Converse Sneakers Giveaway

One of the few kind of shoes that never go out of style are Converses sneakers: they’re comfortable, versatile and anyone can wear them! If you’re a Converse lover like me then you’ll love this new giveaway: enter the CONVERSE…

Vegan Essentials Giveway

We’ve just launched an awesome new giveaway the BIG NEW VEGAN ESSENTIALS BUNDLE with some of our fave brands. Don’t forget to take your vitamins! Going vegan is all about taking care of ourselves as much as the planet we…

Are Sour Patch Kids Vegan?

sour patch kids in a bowl

We love being vegan but it can be hard work to stay vegan, if you’re not careful.  Why?  Well, take something like Sour Patch Kids, they are super popular candies.  All the ingredients seem to be suitable for a plant-based…