The Art of Cooking with Cannabis | CBD and THC-Infused Recipes from Across America

We can remember when asking about cooking with cannabis would get you into trouble.

There was no copy of The Art of Cooking With Cannabis freely available back then. 

Now, alongside the best vegan cookbooks, there are plenty of great cannabis cookbooks in the book store.

And when one of our favorite vegan bloggers recommended The Art of Cooking With Cannabis by Tracey Medeiros, we had to check it out. 

More Than A Cookbook

This isn’t a guide to a stoner’s wonderland, it would be pretty boring if it was.

the art of cooking with cannabis book cover

Instead, Tracey focuses on the food culture of cannabis and the responsible consumption of edible cannabis products.

She works with farmers, chefs, artisands and more to present you with 125 super tasty recipes that are much more than the sum of their THC content

Accompanying Drinks Too

A nice touch is the addition of some cocktail recipes to accompany everything and there are both spirit-free and full alcohol versions to enjoy. 

cannabis infused mojito

If you want to get into consuming the herb, this is the perfect introduction to doing so. 

May we also recommend checking out some herb growing kits if you want to grow some of the ingredients yourself? 

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