Nearly 6% of Americans say they are vegan according to some studies. 500,000 people opted to try a vegan diet for Veganuary in 2021. And even those who don’t want to go “full vegan” are opting for more and more plant-based living. And we want to support them in that objective.

Our Story

Ethical Living Is Easier Than It’s Ever Been In The 21st Century

It’s fair to say that if you went back just one hundred years in time and opted for a vegan lifestyle, it wouldn’t have lasted long. Without a source of Vitamin B, you’d have been unable to continue for very long without getting very sick.

Today, we have easy access to all the vitamins and minerals that we need and that means we can choose to lead a life that involves less animal cruelty without risking our own health. We’re not saying everyone should be vegan, just that everyone can lead a more ethical existence.

We Support Your Choices And Offer Options Not Instructions

Our objective at Plant Authority is to help you grow and care for plants and to eat them and use them in other useful ways too. It’s not to tell you how to live but to show you that you have options and choices and to give you the information you need to make informed decisions. 

Not everybody is the same but we know that almost everyone would like to lead a kinder, healthier, happier life. That’s our objective for you, nothing more. We’ll give you ideas, you can choose whether or not you want to act on them. And we won’t judge you, either way. 

Our Experts

The science of nutrition is a relatively new thing and that means that there are no “hard and fast” experts. We’re all learning as scientists explore this field and what it really means. Our experts are on hand to write helpful guides to plant-based living based on current best practices and to amend those guides if or when things change. 

Poppy Adams

Poppy is the founder of Plant Authority. She realized in her early 20s that while she loved a bacon sandwich or a roast beef dinner, her choices weren’t being very kind to the animals she consumed. So, she opted to shift, slowly, to a plant-based lifestyle. Her journey’s not complete but she’s here to share everything that she’s learned so far to help make your journey easier than hers. 

Muhammad Ismail

Muhammad’s been a life long vegetarian thanks to his parents decision to cut down on meat before he was born. He’s found that he feels healthy and happy, so he has no reason to change. He is a big fan of horticulture and he loves to see plants grow and thrive. When we need advice on gardens or crops, he’s the man we ask. 

Aranya Saetang

As a practicing Buddhist, Aranya believes it’s on her to be as kind as possible to every living thing. She has adopted a 100% vegan lifestyle in the last few years. She’s also an expert researcher and tester and when we have new ideas or new products in hand, Aranya puts them to the test. That means when we offer a recommendation, we are certain that it’s the right recommendation. 


Ben Simmons

I confess, I’ve always wanted to do better in my approach to animals, I just didn’t know where to start. Now, thanks to Plant Authority, I’m taking some baby steps. I’ve started foraging for mushrooms. I’ve begun to grow my own herb garden. I don’t expect to transform everything in my life overnight, but they’ve given me the information I need to get started. Thank you!

Annabel Williams

I’ve been trying to lead a completely plant-based lifestyle for a couple of years now and I find Plant Authority to be a very useful resource. I learned a lot about apps that could make my life easier on the site and I’ve found some super books too. I feel like the team at Plant Authority has a lot to offer and I can’t wait to learn more.

Angelina Zambrano

I didn’t learn much about eating as I was growing up. My mother was a traditional housewife and she prided herself on giving us big, hearty meals. But once I left home, I realized that I wanted to take charge of my table. I researched a better way to eat and thanks to sites like Plant Authority, I’ve become a vegetarian and eventually, I’d like to go vegan!

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